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Please make sure to download the latest stable Centmin Mod version. You can find version change log here.

How to Install Centmin Mod ?

First read the FAQ and following info pages below. These will give a better understanding of the Centmin Mod setup.

You can provide feedback and suggestions on Centmin Mod Community Forums.

Server Requirements & Testing

  1. Preferably, use CentOS 6.0 - 6.6 operating system where possible. For CentOS 6.6 read latest compatibility here. CentOS 7.0 & CentOS 7.1 support coming soon. You can help with CentOS 7.0 / CentOS 7.1 compatibility and Centmin Mod .08 beta testing.
  2. If possible, setup a test server or virtualised server via Virtualbox or VMWare to test out Centmin Mod before doing install on live server. For quick tests, you can easily setup a 512MB OpenVZ SSD-Cached VPS server with 120GB Raid 10 SSD-Cached disk space for US$7.50/month with RamNode. Or a 256MB OpenVZ SSD-Cached VPS with 90GB Raid 10 SSD-Cached disk space for US$4.25/month. You can also choose KVM based SSD-Cached VPS but you'll need to install the Operating System (CentOS 6.5) yourself unlike the OpenVZ offerings. Note: Centmin Mod minimum recommended memory based VPS server is at least 256MB memory. You could get away with 128MB memory with a tweak to but for any active site you'll eventually need more than 128MB memory.
  3. Or a 512MB memory, 16GB hard disk storage Secured Cloud VM server instance using Cloud with costs starting from US$0.025 per hour. Benchmarks on Secured Cloud VM instance here. Secured Cloud VM setup tip: To make your Centmin Mod install web accessible on Secured Cloud VMs, they have their own firewall enabled in Secured Cloud VM customer admin area that only allows port 22 and 3389 by default. For Centmin Mod installs, you can disable Secured Cloud VM's firewall and let Centmin Mod CSF firewall take over.
  4. Even cheaper option is to setup a 512MB memory VPS or Vultr KVM VPS both at $0.007/hr. Or a 1GB memory VPS at $0.015/hr or the new Linode SSD based VPS plans which are priced exactly to compete with DigitalOcean. Posted Linode vs DigitalOcean benchmarks
  5. All above mentioned VPS hosts are personally used for Centmin Mod testing so are guaranteed to work well together.

How to install video

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How to install Centmin Mod Nginx web stack

Install Steps

Starting with v1.2.3-eva2000.07, there are 3 methods of installation. For more indepth details you can read forum thread here.

  1. Traditional SSH shell based menu option #1 or
  2. SSH CLI command line mode ./ install
  3. Using one liner

You'll need a VPS or dedicated server with full root user + SSH2 telnet access to install Centmin Mod. Logged in as root user via SSH2 telnet type these commands:

1. Download latest version of Centmin Mod's zip file using wget command in SSH telnet - (you can find latest version info here)

Note: In example below, zip is downloaded to /usr/local/src. DO NOT download to /tmp and run from /tmp as Centmin Mod removes the ability to execute scripts from /tmp as a security precaution. Also the downloaded contents must NOT be deleted or removed as subsequent runs of to use menu options require certain files and scripts in place.

yum -y install bc wget unzip nano yum-plugin-fastestmirror
cd /usr/local/src

2. Extract files and change to centmin-v1.2.3mod directory and chmod +x bash script.

cd centmin-v1.2.3mod
chmod +x

3. Run menu based installer and if this is first time installing, select option #1 for Centmin Install. If you are upgrading a server which already previously had Centmin Mod installed, you DO NOT need to run option #1, instead run option #4 and then #5 for upgrading Nginx web server and upgrading PHP.

yum clean all

For traditional SSH menu options install type the following command and select menu option #1:


For new 100% unattended CLI command line install type which bypasses the SSH menu method type:

./ install

Starting with v1.2.3-eva2000.07 the install process is 100% unattended and automated, the very last stage of the install process will:

  1. Display your Memcached php admin page's admin/password & your MySQL root password which were automaticallly generated. The MySQL root password is also contained in the file at /root/.my.cnf so you do not need to enter the MySQL root password on every MySQL client based commands if you don't want to. You can remove /root/.my.cnf if you want in which case everytime you run MySQL client commands you will need to enter a password when prompted.
  2. Do a post install check, outputting the installed software's version numbers.

Using method

The method is the simplest method as it's only one line to copy and paste into your SSH window as root user. This method will also output at the end of installation, the total install time as well as the YUM install time component. It's pretty useful for even benchmark comparisons between different web hosts and servers to see how fast or slow Centmin Mod installation is on various web hosts.

  curl -sL | bash

4. Post-Install Setup

Proceed with the Getting Started guide.

General Notes:

  • For Xen 32bit Paravirtulized OS users on 64bit host nodes prior to install if on Xen VPS, you need to enable and uncomment one variable (remove hash # in front of the variable) ARCH_OVERRIDE='386' within then install via for Centmin Mod to work.
      # The default is stable, you can change this to development if you wish
    # Uncomment the above line if you are running a 32bit Paravirtulized Xen VPS
    # on a 64bit host node.
  • If your SSH2 Telnet client options allow for it you can increase the size of your scroll back buffer size to allow larger amounts of outputted text to be shown via scrolling back and forth.
  • After install read Getting Started guide

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